Patio Lounge/Garden Bar

Maximum Occupancy: 80 guests
Rental Fee: $125
Rental Hours: 11:00AM to 3:00PM

Available for rent seven days a week. Rental hours are from 11:OOam to 3:00pm (attendees must be gone by 3), space opens to the public at 3:00. Maximum event size 60 people. Rental fee is $125.00 (nonrefundable and necessary to book space). $750.00 Food & beverage minimum applies, reception-style menu only. Standard Garden Bar or Lower Level Lounge Set-Up (we do not move furniture) Standard Patio Music or Lower Level Lounge music Please note that the dining portion of the patio will be in use for lunch as well as the inside bar area. In the event of rain, (for patio garden bar functions) the function will be moved to the lower level lounge which is only accessible by stairs.

Talon Zasada - General Manager & Event Coordinator